"We are wounded in relationship and we need to heal in relationship,"  Tara Brach. The most important thing in my work is my relationship with you, the client. Healing relationships possess these important qualities:



First and foremost, my goal is always to meet every client with compassion. I have deep respect for your experience. Compassion is essential to building trust and creating healing. You trust me with your hopes, fears, dreams, sorrows, joys and despair. I have deep compassion for your vulnerability.


I don't have all the answers. Together we will explore patterns, ask questions, and get curious. So often we get stuck in patterns or beliefs about the world that might be limiting. I will encourage you to get curious about the stories you tell yourself. Sometimes we do not even know they are stories.


Good therapy takes courage. I respect the immense amount of courage it takes clients to do the hard work to change and grow. I bring to the relationship my own courage, the courage to kindly and honestly share what I see and to challenge you to break out of patterns that no longer serve you.


Lastly, creativity is an essential part of my toolbox. It opens the door to seeing an old problem in a new way. It allows for new perspectives. Creativity allows for me to create a new therapy for each client, depending on what you most need. And as you expand outside of your current story, you may find your creativity blossoming.