Caring for Those Who are Making the World a Better Place


A special interest of mine is supporting those who do social justice work. I spent almost 20 years working in the progressive movement. During my time as an activist I've worked for a variety of different issues including LGBT and women's rights, anti-racist work, the environment, and economic justice. I have considerable experience in electoral politics through my work in the labor movement. All that is to say, I am passionate about the issues you work on and have considerable experience living the struggles of working in the social justice world. It is important to me to take care of those doing this important work. You are our best resources for change and I would like to find ways to keep people doing this work in a way that is healthy and sustainable.



  • Work/Life Balance
  • Work Relationships/Conflict
  • Maintaining Boundaries
  • Burnout/Stress
  • Making Room for Family
  • Physical and Emotional Health